Tuesday, September 29, 2009

deep fried!

Whew...last night we used peanut oil to DEEP FRY the Hericium abietis, Lion's Mane.

I had never actually deep fried anything before; it's very fun.

We sliced the Hericium, dipped it in egg/flour/ginger ale batter, breaded with panko flakes, and fried them up in a mushroom pot :)
Then we ate them with a spicy soy/vinegar sauce.
Lemon-Lime loved the panko flakes!

Fun and tasty, but very smelly. I don't think our landlords (their bedroom is above our kitchen) were too happy.

Update on the drying rack:

looking good!

1 comment:

Andy said...

oh man Tess! that looks so tasty! what cool mushrooms you have (this is Andy from your old ward btw)