Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter Dye Party pt. 2

Moving on from the Copper Penny Blue dyebath...
Tonight I will dye using mushrooms for the first time! I'm getting everything ready right now!

I'm using a variety of fibers (though wool should work best).
And I'm using Polyozellus multiplex, the black chanterelle, with copper pennies. I should get a dark moss-green.
Who knows what that will look like for sure...but I hope it's pretty :)

I tied the yarn loosely and ran under water, slowly making the water warmer and warmer until hot. I then put it in a pan of water with a spoonful of detergent and heated it without boiling for almost an hour.

I then rinsed the yarn in hot water, slowing making the water cooler and cooler until warm. I set in another bowl of warm/hot water until the dyebath was ready.

To make the dyebath, I crumbled up dried Polyozellus multiplex from Easy Pass 21 September, 2009 into a pot. I added enough water to cover the yarn that would be there and brought to a boil. I then simmered the mushrooms for an hour and then cooled the mixture. This is where I am now.

Now I will strain the mushrooms out, add the washed yarn and simmer without boiling another hour. I hope it turns out a nice color :)
I'll let you know tomorrow when it dries!

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