Monday, January 11, 2010


Early Saturday morning I asked Adam if he wanted to go shooting. He was so happy! He sleepily grinned and said "pew pew" clutching his invisible dream gun...
Adam loves to go shooting and I have only been once with him due to scheduling conflicts that he interpreted as avoidance.

It was my first time at the outdoor shooting pit in Sultan, so I was a little gun shy...but I had a fun time, learned A LOT, and will definitely be more confident next time :)

I actually do want to know how to safely handle, carry, and shoot a gun; it's just that they are so sharp and heavy it makes it difficult and intimidating some times.


Little Lisa said...

Shooting guns is fun! It is a good skill to have and be comfortable with I think. They scared me so much at first, but now they don't.

barlow said...

Nice trigger control.