Wednesday, January 6, 2010

family crest?

When I was in Montessori, I remember making some Christmas plates by coloring in marker on certain white paper circles and then my teacher turned them into plastic plates.
A few months ago, the ladies in Relief Society organized a plate making night and I realized it was the same type of thing I had done in preschool.
Of course I went. And I ended up making the funniest Christmas plates for Adam.
They are sort of a family crest, if you will.

There is me and Adam with our family bird Lemon-Lime on his shoulder. Adam is holding an "old fashioned" computer, since he loves computers. We've got jars of pickles and jars of jam; mushrooms; and Martin-our first and favorite duck all under a handknit Barlow banner!

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ani said...

I love your family crest!