Sunday, January 6, 2008


Happy New Year! It is 2008. I graduate this year, and it is a presidential election year. I have been sewing the last few days to get some sellable wares stocked up before my new school semester starts. My cousin gave me some old fabric/curtains/quilts to take apart. Some of them are pretty crazy, i think you will agree. Take, for instance, this psychadelic hawaiian quilt with a panda bear (?) at the center. Very intense. Unfortunately i didn't remember to take a picture of it before i had started to cut it up. However, I did have forethought enough to make sure to cut out the bag I am keeping for myself in such a way as to keep the naked ladies patch in a good spot.


stop looking at all those stars said...

great great bags tess! it took me a while to find the naked ladies patch but i finally found it! you did get a good spot for it!!

adventurekerrs said...

Tess all I have to say is that I hope you find a way to use the panda!