Thursday, January 31, 2008

life update

Here is a life update for those of you (family members) who read my blog to find out what i'm really doing with my life.

*I really am turning in letters, resumes, and applications left and right!
On the left for a summer field research opportunity on the Minnesota plaines working with Echinacea populations, pollination, and ecology. And on the right, for my dream job at Fungi Perfecti growing mushrooms! You might say I really am taking charge of my future.

*I really am eating my veg.
*I really am going to graduate this June.
*I really am checking out VW vans. Home sweet home!
*I really am cleaning out the clutter and trash in my life/home.

I hope I stay on track...


Gritty Pretty said...

You are so *take charge*. And you're going to get a VW van? too cool!

Kate said...

Tess! I'm glad you have a blog & soon a van. I took upwards of of 7 years to get a BA... betcha can't beat that :)