Monday, September 1, 2014

Corning and Shay's house

A trip to Ithaca, NY is not complete for us without a visit to Corning, where Adam's brother lives.
Corning is a cute town with picturesque churches and many Victorian style homes.
We saw my niece in a children's theater play then walked around the downtown area.
I loved this yellow and black storefront for rent:
close up of the oak leaf stencil in front window:
Adam's brother travels extensively to Asia for work, and has lived abroad 3 different times, so his house is full of lovely, exotic treasures.
And many beautiful textiles like this indigo batik.
 I learned a lot about silk rugs from India:
Antique moon cake moulds:
We got to spend a casual day with their family, playing with toys and doing yard clean up projects.
Arlin and Darwin:
A walk through their beautiful oak woodland yielded many mushroom photos:
 Monotropa uniflora, a parasitic plant!
 Oak gall:
 A Russula pushing up leaves:
 Amanita pantherina (?)

 Black Chanterelles
 Then we closed out the night with s'mores around the fire pit.
Thank you, Shay and Tirzah for a great visit.

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