Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dear Arlin (6 1/2 months)

Dear Arlin,
I am holding you on my lap, you are asleep and have been since 10:30 am; now it's 2:50 pm. Your two front teeth are coming in. I have seen large bulges on your gum line and now even your upperlip looks different. I thought your bottom teeth would be first because I could see little white spots below your gums for several months now. You have awoken twice, but fell back asleep when I fed you. I am happy to let you sleep, you need it and I am enjoying this break (even if you are still on my lap and I can't get anything done). Dad and Elliott are at church, I am in my church clothes and shoes waiting for you to wake up, but probably won't make it today.
  Lately, you have been very clingy and cry for me if I leave the room. We have traveled a lot in the last month and I am sure you have noticed your world feeling less secure. Yesterday, you started babbling (bababababa) and pulled yourself up to standing several times using the luggage I was unpacking. You officially crawl now on hands and knees and are extremely dexterous and strong. At Grandma Ka's house, you leaned out of my arms to grab hold of the inside of the refrigerator door as I opened it, and, standing on one shelf and hanging on to another, you balanced there alone with a huge grin. I laughed so hard admiring your feat and had to pry your monkey fingers from the shelf to hold you again.
  You love your brother, Elliott, but sadly, the reason you are sleeping so long is because he is gone; you don't get much chance to nap in peace.

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