Sunday, June 15, 2014

Smith Rock 2014 I

 It was a marvelous trip to Smith Rock State Park in Oregon over Memorial Day. Beautiful as always, but this time warmer, drier, and sunnier than last year.
 While Adam climbed, Elliott and I wandered the trails enjoying life.
 I captured a spontaneous moment of unfiltered childhood. Elliott was hot (born and raised in the Pacific NW!) and saw a tempting water hole.
 He stopped to check it out better:
 Decided it was a safe river entrance:
 Took off all his clothes:
 Made a plan:
 Decided to "jump off a rock:"
 Victory. Dipped his toes and that was sufficient.
 Arlin amused himself by trying to pinch the grass.
Back at camp: Smith has a group cooking area and a group bivy area. It made for a fun community feel, yet kept the tent area quiet. It's also an effective way to manage the crowds - on the busy nights, there were over 100 tents, but it didn't feel unpleasant.
Some of the "lifers" had a group slack line:
 and bean bag toss:
 Beautiful, dry sunsets...rare for us in our wooded Woodinville.

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