Friday, May 23, 2014

Aluminum Windows

Our firehouse has (5) 4'x4' single pane windows with aluminum frames. They are divided in half horizontally and the lower portion opens outward. My plan is to paint the frames black as well as the wood casing/sill (soon to be installed) and narrow (3/4") trim. 
Like so (pic from Schoolhouse Electric catalog):
Currently, we have 1 frame still coated in nicotine (previous occupant was a smoker); 1 scrubbed and ready to paint; 1 painted.
Nicotine build up on aluminum frame (identified by my mother, of all people...):
To clean nicotine off a window frame, I wiped with acetone (worked very well), then sanded with metal sand paper, then wiped with acetone again.
Before and after of acetone wipe:
To paint aluminum frame, Adam taped off the window glass and sprayed first with a layer of matte black spray paint, then 2-3 coats of "hammered metal" black spray paint.

We actually aren't "finished" with any of the windows...because we still have to paint the part that opens and the outside. Baby steps.
We just got the slider framed, too!

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