Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July to you! Did you happen to spend the day in the ER? We did.
We flew from Seattle to California in the early morning, settled in for a nap after arriving, and then rushed to the ER when I woke up mid-nap to find Elliott not asleep but sitting in front of a pile of prescription medications he had found in my Grandma Nancy's purse,. Apparently, I fell asleep before Elliott did and then he began exploring, struck gold, opened about 5 "child proof" containers, and dumped everything into a pile. I had no idea what the medications were for, nor how many there should have been in each container...but Elliott has been interested in medicine and vitamins (since they look like candy) and he had white powder on his mouth...we had no choice but to call 911. Luckily, he seemed to be fine, and the firemen who arrived first suggested we cancel the paramedics (to avoid extra charges) and drive Elliott directly to the hospital ourselves. We did (Grandpa Brent, Adam, and I). It was an annoying way to spend the 4th of July when Elliott appeared to be fine, but I did not want to regret not seeking medical help.

After 7 hours and a blood test, he was declared fine and we drove to a 4th of July party just in time to eat, swim for a few minutes, and then watch the fireworks at the San Clemente Pier. All is well.

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