Saturday, March 1, 2014

Elliott's first ski day

Elliott has been dying to ski but his crazy parents have had so many house projects going on combined with pregnancy and taking care of newborn Arlin, etc. Finally, the weather brought plentiful snow to our Cascade Mountains and we had a Saturday dedicated to skiing before Elliott's hydrocele surgery.
We rented gear for Elliott, loaded up the 4 Runner, and drove to Steven's Pass. I dropped Adam off at the lifts so he could get started while I parked in the boonies (it was a crowded Saturday), dressed the boys in snow gear, and hauled everything but the kitchen sink up to the lodge :)
After staking out an area in The People's Lodge, Elliott and I went snow tractor hunting. Adam met us for lunch but Elliott would not re-enter the lodge for fear he would never get to ski...
Poor little guy - he wanted to ski so bad!
And ski he did! He took to skiing like a pro 2.5 year old and wore us out with his unquenchable energy. All in all, he probably skied about 4 hours. Adam bribed him with hot chocolate to get him back in the lodge at 9 pm! He insisted on skiing to the car and fell asleep before we had packed up and left the parking lot :)

 (here is E trying to cut in front of others...)

 Adam convinced Elliott to come in for lunch and resting.
 Elliott's new ski friend Margot:

Here is a video of his ski jumps, inspired by the recent Sochi Olympics:

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Candice Blackwelder said...

WOW!!!! I had no idea he was skiing like that. So cute that he tried the little jumps. I love him so much