Thursday, February 27, 2014

I have 2 boys

I'm up for a night time feeding for Arlin, my 1 month old baby boy, and I must say I am officially bonded to him for life :)
With Elliott, as well, (who is now 2 1/2 years old!) it was around 1 month when I realized how much I loved him and felt like he really was my own boy forever.
Now, I have two boys forever! Plus Adam :)

I crush at the sight of Arlin! His face is still full of mystery for me: what features are familiar? what features are from which family members? What will he look like later?  His cheeks look fatter than yesterday, again! I made him, but I'm learning to know him; an eternal, happy process.

My dad made a simple comment I find adorable and always makes me laugh. When family was in town, I was commenting on how cute Arlin's little newborn behaviors are. Things like arching his back to stretch, frantically rooting for milk, attempting to hang on to my breast or shirt, and grunting in a satisfied way. My dad said, "He's happy!" and it struck me how true it was and how grateful I was to know he was happy. What a confusing reality he just began. I'm glad he is happy.

It kills me when I see his tiny face poking out of his blanket laden car seat with his small hands resting under his chin like a bunny. He is so cute I can't take him seriously but he has this look on his face where you can tell he is trying to catch sight of something familiar and make sense of his world. Preciously heartbreaking.

These are all physical thoughts, but what is his personality? He already has differences than Elliott. He seems more calm - but it could be that Arlin uses a pacifier :)

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