Monday, July 16, 2012

Prizes from Europe

These are my prizes from Europe...the spoils of Iceland+Paris/2012
Clockwise from upper left:
Blue and white dirndle with blouse - 10E ($12) at Marche aux Puces St. Ouen, Paris
Grey wool beret for Adam - 5E ($5.50) in Paris
White head scarf with blue stitching - 300 ISK ($3) at Frida Fraenka, Reykjavik
Blue and white valise for Elliott - 5E ($5.50) at Marche aux Puces St. Ouen, Paris
Red and white dot bandana - 100 ISK ($1) at Kolaportid, Reykjavik
Wood train spelling 'Elliott' - 9E ($11) from street vendor at Sacre Coeur
Puzzle of Iceland - gift to Elliott from friends in Selfoss, Iceland
Shoes, pale green flats with yellow elastic - 100E ($120) in Paris
Black antique blouse, White Edwardian blouse - 1000 ISK ($10) each! at Kolaportid, Reykjavik
Bag sewn from turn-of-the century floral fabric - 10E ($12) at Marche aux Puces St. Ouen, Paris
Knife and spoon from fabric and resin 6E each? ($7.50) - Sabre kitchen store in Montmartre, Paris
Pack of spoons for Elliott - 50 ISK ($.50) at Frida Fraenka, Reykjavik
Lakkris bindi/leather ties for all our male family members- 1000 ISK each ($10) at Spuutnik, Reykjavik
Fabric, 2 African prints and houndstooth remnant - 3E/meter ($3.50/yard) at Maison Drefus fabric store. I am going to make Elliott a tunic and matching pants with the blue print!


Amanda Kaye said...

You are just too cute. I am so glad you and Candice had such a good time :)

candicerose said...

Yeah! You got some great stuff. I forgot about the flea markets in st. Ouen. Such a steal!! We had a fun sister trip.