Thursday, July 12, 2012

Darrington 4th of July

For our second trip in the Argosy, we drove north to Darrington at the Northern end of the Mountain Loop Highway. We arrived the night before the 4th of July and met our friends, Stephanie, Gabe, and their little Stella.
We camped at Cold Creek at the start of the Mountain Loop Highway. There was a beautiful, wide riverbed full of moss covered rocks:
We ate fish salad for dinner and Elliott discovered Otter Pops (love his hand position...zen moment):
The next day we ate crepes for breakfast filled with ricotta cheese and sliced oranges.

Then we headed out for a hike. Gab and Adam wanted to climb Green Giant Buttress, so Stephanie and I took our time on the approach since we had babies and then wouldn't have to wait as long for the men to finish.
Unfortunately, by the time the boys got near the base of the climb, they realized there wouldn't be enough daylight to finish the route, so they decided to wait for us and eat lunch all together.
Gabe set up a rope to help us cross the stream while Adam walked along the trail toward us to make sure we hadn't turned around.
The hike was through thick bush and trees along an old mining trail. We saw old water pipe and machinery from their operations.
A nurse log:
Crossing the stream was fun!
The view from the other side was gorgeous:

What a wonderful place to eat lunch:

Elliott enjoying the river rocks:

We watched the Darrington town firework show from our Argosy in the high school parkinglot:
In the morning we were on the road early to get back to work (after figuring out how to dump our black water...)
To many more adventures.....

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Kate said...

This looks so SO fun! I love reading about your amazing adventures!