Sunday, May 20, 2012

Iceland + Paris

Yes, that is right, I am going to Iceland and Paris in 1 month!
I just bought the tickets!!! Yippeee!
Candice has been planning a 5 week trip in Europe and she invited me to join for the first week. Thanks to a little gift from Briana, I was able to get the tickets on such late notice. Sisterfest on Iceland for the Summer Solstice! Woot! Bri, we are thinking of it as your 30th birthday bash.

So, what about Elliott....? He will be at home bonding with Adam and my mom while he thinks of his dear mother and her sweet, sweet milk.

Our latest brainstorm of ideas:
rent a car and drive to the West Fjords for a night
soak in as many hot springs as possible
hold as many Icelandic lambs as possible
drown ourselves in licorice candy, licorice dipped ice cream cones, skyr (yogurt), cheese, and smoked meat
catch up with friends from my visit in 2005
enjoy Reykjavik nightlife while the sun never sets!
say hello to Paris
eat crepes and waffles in the park
walk around Montmartre
order croque monsieurs at cafes
dine in a fancy restaurant

that is all :)


candicerose said...

Woohooo! I love this. And yes to all of the to-dos on our itinerary. It's going to be quite the bash. I need an icelandic lamb photo for sure.

Unifer said...

yay!! I just saw your comment on my blog post! how is it I didn't find out before now about your blog?!? and you are coming to Iceland!!! how exciting!! if you have any spare time or want company on any of your lovely adventures let me know ok :D