Monday, May 7, 2012

Garden Bed

I am so excited about this garden bed I built for $2**.
This is NOT quality workmanship, but it is functional. Both these beds and the chicken coop I'm working on have been satisfying, utilitarian projects.
After building and painting the garden bed, I lined the inside with old coffee bags (available at garden stores). I followed the advice of my friend, Micah, on how to layer straw, alfalfa, manure, and compost for the soil.
The bags are beautiful and even had a few hidden unroasted coffee beans inside.
Elliott became enamored with the hammer and nails, so I let him play with the smaller indoor use hammer while I used the larger one.
homestead boy:

**Well, the frame was $2 (50 cents for each corner post) and a lot of the growing material was free (leftovers from my friend), but I did spend $11 on steer manure and compost. I even painted it with nearly free paint! The wood I used for the side walls were free scraps I picked up from BMC in Issaquah while getting our ducks.

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