Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sewing Room/Closet

I just painted the downstairs bedroom a lovely light blue-green. I used Martha Stewart's "Spring Melt" in eggshell. It reminds me of that vintage blue green, robin's egg type color you see on antique windows and doors.

All my project to still finish are in the giant black trunk, my fabric and other supplies (bookbinding, etc.) are in the tall, black closet, and all the trim, buttons, ribbon, etc. are in the grey dresser. It is so nice to have a place for all this crap...now I can actually see what I have so I can try to use it up - or get rid of it. Also very nice to have a place to leave unfinished projects instead of on the dining room table.
Still need to fix up this corner:


amy said...

You're the only person I know who deserves a seeing room :)

Tree Peeps said...

Thanks, Amy!
It is so nice to have a place for all the supplies. I have been sewing a lot more now since it's easy to work on things when I get a few minutes here and there.