Wednesday, November 16, 2011

San Francisco and Ferry Building

A few weeks ago (over the October 23rd weekend), we visited Briana's grave to commemorate the 6 months since she died. It was a wonderful weekend with my parents and Thomas. The main outcome of the trip was that I fell in love with Mill Valley, the town where Bri is buried. It's a beautiful town, just minutes North of the Golden Gate Bridge. Photos forthcoming; for now here are some photos of us in San Francisco, mainly at the Ferry Building.
My parents, Thom, Elliott and I all flew from Long Beach, CA to San Francisco early in the morning. We rented a car and drove directly to the fabulous Ferry Building all before 9 am!
First stop: fresh donuts
Second stop: seed bombs for bombin' Bri's spot.
Above is the list of species in the seed bombs
Then we checked out Heath Ceramics, Bri's favorite. She had everything picked out to register there if she ever got married. Of course my photos are silly, but their items were beautiful - I could totally see her house filled with them.
This is the best kitchen storage/display idea. I definitely want something like this in my house - it's fit everything!
I saw these cool leather 'apple' containers somewhere in the Ferry Building.
I loved this giant poster of 'Winter Greens.' These are my favorite vegetables! Buts, alas, they do not sit well with Elliott. Or I should say, breast milk made from these delicious greens make Elliott stink like a doggie with bad toots. Hahahahah! Sad face :(
After eating ourselves silly with fancy chocolates, french pastries from Miette, and who knows what else...we waited in line at the "Rolli Roti" for delicious rotisserie pork sandwiches. These were outstanding! We all recommend eating there. Just look at all that delicious arugula!
After lunch, we strolled through China Town.
And then we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to see Briana....

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Brooke Reynolds said...

Mill Valley is lovely.. I am heading up again for work the first week in December and will be sure to go visit Bri and see if your bombs are growing yet!