Wednesday, September 21, 2011

real canning

This year, I finally tackled real water bath canning. I had never had enough fruit to merit learning how to properly bottle it, but this year, I joined a home canning email group that orders bulk fruit from local growers. It was very fun (and addicting) to order boxes of fruit, pick them up at farms, and then figure out what to do with it all!

This year, I ordered:
2 flats of blueberries (ate fresh, froze 2 bags, made blueberry jam and syrup)
2 boxes of Rosa and New Haven peaches, 50 lbs (ate fresh, froze 2 bags, canned 6 quarts)
2 boxes of Red Gold nectarines (ate fresh)
1 flat of raspberries (ate within 2 days)
1 box Red Bartlett pears (ate fresh, canned 7 quarts)
2 boxes Ginger Gold apples (ate fresh, dried 5 bags, canned 3 quarts applesauce)
1 box Roma tomatoes (ate fresh, canned 7 quarts)
It has been a productive summer. I am very proud of myself; this is satisfying - and tasty - work.


Clare said...

YUM!!! I am just a little jealous of your boxes of fruit! Wishing I could get that many Roma tomatoes, though I doubt they would make it into any jar! :)

Little Lisa said...

You're incredible! All that fruit looks so tasty. Did you find it was pretty economical (especially if you already have the jars)?

amy said...

I want to be your neighbor. This looks like a blast.