Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visit with Candice

I am back from a weekend in Utah visiting Candice. It was great, we both had a lot of fun together even though it was strange for it to be just the two of us. It was our first sisterfest (of many more to come) without Briana. Candice has set up her new house very cute (see above) and we ate fresh veggies!

Our main objectives were to be together, to sort through some of Briana's boxes in storage, and to visit with friends and have a birth party for me!

Here we are at the first SLC farmer's market of the season.
Candice was dog-sitting a dog, so we took her to the market. I love Candice's train pants!

Salt Lake was having beautiful summer weather (something novel for me)

Here are some photos from the Birth Party:
Sara and Candice in the kitchen
The quilt top I made and brought for everyone to embroider-quilt.
Rachel, working on embroidering a cute design.
Analiesa and Candice, sewing away....
Gritty Pretty, and her cherub-son, Ezra
The mushroom garland Gritty Pretty made last year that I fell in love with. Sewn mushrooms in rainbow order...? Too wonderful!

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