Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flea Market report

Oh, my goodness...look what I bought for $5 at the Punk Rock Flea Market!!
It's a bundle of antique scraps from a kimono store!
A lot of these are handwoven silk and a lot of these are shibori dyed in indigo! I love indigo and I love shibori - I flipped when I saw these scraps.
I see an indigo sampler quilt in my future....wouldn't that look great? Then I can showcase each of the prints emphasizing the variation in texture and results from just one dye. I think it would look awesome with red-orange stitching/ties and binding. I can't wait to make it. More photos to come - each scrap is absolutely beautiful and deserves documentation.
Here's me at our Tree Peeps booth.
It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day - the first day we've had temperatures over 70 degrees since last August...and the whole city almost died of heat stroke (including me)! Hilarious.
A sampling of our wares (above) and the rock star seller beans and rice (below) I love how well this goes over every year :)

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