Friday, February 11, 2011


This is Adam trying to be cute so he can get in more posts on my blog. I told him he was one of the most frequently used labels and when I showed him to prove it, he was happy but not satisfied to be second most frequent with "mushrooms" ahead by 5 points.
So he did a march - a house march, as we like to call it - wearing his new glasses and with silver coin in tow, hoping to make breaking news.
The only problem is, looking at this picture, he kind of looks like a mushroom :)

-Additionally, it's hard to post about his crypto-anarcho doings in cipherspace on my public, cute craft-oriented blog...


adam said...

Actually if you remember I was trying to look like a mushroom so I could get on the blog :)

cydney sharp said...

unfortunately, I have the opposite problem...Bart does everything he can to avoid bein blogged about!