Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home Birth Week

My friend, Rachel Swan, is having "Home Birth Week" on her blog - where she talks about a topic related to home birth each day.

My wonderful sister, Briana, is a home birth midwife and was the midwife for Rachel's second child. Here is Rachel's interview with her. Fern Midwifery is the name of Briana's practice in Salt Lake City.

A few weeks ago Rachel also wrote about making a play midwife kit (like a play doctor kit) for her daughter, Sela, who loves midwives and wants to be a midwife someday. So cute!

(There will be an increase in home birth related posts in the coming months as Adam and I are planning a home birth for our coming baby! Home birth is something I've planned on for several years now - mostly influenced by watching my sister learn about and become a midwife and by my fear of hospitals - but I figured there would be plenty of time to post about these topics when I was actually pregnant.)

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Rachel Swan said...

Thank you so much for the link and kind words! I'm also loving that Pea banner, so sweet!