Tuesday, January 18, 2011

baby play mat (DI style)

As you know, the Thanksgiving Provo DI run proved to be very fruitful - in both trim and sewing patterns. However, I also scavenged 3 quilts worth of quilt scraps.
After Christmas, I wanted a simple, methodical sewing project, so I decided to make a quilt from these odd shaped DI scraps. I had bought a $1 bag of variously printed canvas trapezoid-shaped scraps and knew the only thing to do with them was patchwork quilting. The scraps fell into two main color groups which I would describe as "neon 70's floral" and "old-timey general store." See?

I trimmed the trapezoid shapes into rectangles,

arranged them "randomly"

and sewed my first patchwork quilt!

It's small, thick (has 3 layers of DI batting), and durable from both the canvas and denim backing. It's only about 3' X 3' square, so I decided to use it someday as a baby play mat - type of thing so I can lay the little darling on it and not have to worry about my dirty floors :)

Plus it might be good at our notoriously damp parks.


Kate said...

I LOVE the neon!!!

What a lucky baby yours will be!

zlb said...

tess this baby is going to be the cutest most styling baby in the WOOORLD. Can't wait to met them!

Andra Ingebretsen said...

That is so cute Tess. It is so amazing to me how you just whip these things up. You are seriously talented. The few quilts I have done were quite the undertaking for me. So it is inspiring to watch what you have done. I have been wanting to do another one lately, maybe one of these days.

pixelhazard said...

Oh wow that looks like so much effort but with such a great outcome

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