Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mushroom Raid

I went on a mushroom raid in the Cascades. I sort of feel bad about it...but it was fun and now I have begun my stockpile of dye mushrooms for the winter :)

Hydnellum caeruleum (and a few H. suaveolens) - will dye blue with alum.
*H. caeruleum has an orange base, H. suaveolens does not and has white and blue striped flesh)

Hydnellum peckii - will dye blue with alum (often exudes red liquid when young).
Echinodontium tinctorium! I found the exact same fruitbody I saw last year. It's an old fruitbody from a few years ago. Last year, I didn't know what it was for sure so I broke a piece off (missing chunk on right side). It will dye shades of orange with alum (here are last year's results). Now I have about 10 pounds of it!
Suillus lakeii - will dye yellow with alum.

I also saw some non-dye fungi:
Poop mold
Boletus edulis
Clavariadelphus truncatus (actually does dye, but I only saw one of them)
Giant Amanita muscaria


Elle and Jared said...

These pictures are so pretty. I'm going to show Leland your blog (jared's brother, not sure if you know him but Adam does) because he and his gf have been spending tons of time foraging in Utah lately. Anyways, its so fun to see such detailed info and interesting tidbits.

Unknown said...

Did you dye with these yet? I really want to see your results. I use 2:1 mushroom to alum or iron mordanted wool and bump the pH up to 9 for the best blues.