Monday, October 25, 2010

black walnuts

Yay! I have inherited some black walnut hulls!
Folks at UW Farm harvested black walnuts (Juglans nigra) and saved the hulls and rinsing water for me to use as dye. In Provo, I had a black walnut tree in my yard but I wasn't in to dyeing. Now that I love to dye with everything I see, I didn't have a tree...until now.
Now I have 4 buckets of hulls to dye with! Rather than transport them back to my apartment, I am going to keep them in Seattle and bring my wool to dye while I'm at work. It's a perfect plan :)

This morning, I dipped in a few yards of white Lopi (Icelandic wool) to test out the dye while I'm at work.
My plan is to dye several skeins with no mordant (warm brown), several with alum mordant (warm brown), and several with iron mordant (a near black color!).

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