Friday, October 29, 2010

Ace of Clubs

In response to this post a few days ago...Yes, Adam is going to be a card for Halloween.
Specifically, he is the Ace of Clubs from Alice in Wonderland. (His team at work is dressing up as characters from Alice in Wonderland, and he was assigned to be the Ace of Clubs)
Here are some screen shots I found from the cartoon version (via
"Painting the Roses Red"
One more of Adam in his home made costume complete with cardboard paintbrush!
Dropping the card off at work:
Happy Halloween!


joe said...

This is SO AWESOME. Love the paintbrush, amazing touch.

Ann Marie said...

i LOVE it!!!

Kels H. said...

Great work, Tess! That looks great.

Briana said...

this is just so wonderful

amy said...

Your future children are lucky ducks (I'm assuming you were the costume mastermind...)


Anonymous said...

How did you get the shoulders to be flat?

PrincessDestiny said...

I would LOVE some tips on how to make this! I am wanting to make one for my 11 year old son for Halloween. Hopefully you see this in time :)