Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Skaha Bluffs, Canada

For Labor Day, we drove to Skaha Bluffs near Penticton, Canada for a weekend of climbing, camping, and cooking with friends.
Skaha Bluffs is mainly a sport climbing area with hundreds of bolted routes of varying levels of difficulty...but there is also plenty of "trad" (traditional) climbing.

Adam and Tosia, our friends' wonderful dog!

It was really nice to be on a climbing trip with friends since it is usually just me and Adam.

Cydney and me (...Go Nader!)
Photos of the climbing:

Adam warming up on a .10b :)

Me and Tosia safe on the ground belaying Adam

Adam leading his last climb of the trip.

Me, lead climbing! It was a 5.6, but I'm proud of myself!

Bartek leading a "trad" route

Adam in his gear
Now for the Photos of the food:
(I didn't climb a lot this trip, so it seemed more like a food trip!)

Grilled cheese and turkey!

Maple glazed salmon!

Mountain Man breakfast, Adam's specialty.

Jola and Bartek trying out a dutch oven breakfast!
And last but not least, some pretty pictures of bark:

I love the colors!

The trees were right on the trail, and had been polished by so many hands rubbing them as hikers past by.

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Briana said...

good job! you look awesome tess, and adam as well. I'm thinking that $0.99 turquoise cutting board is due for a replacement...