Friday, September 10, 2010

sashiko lesson #1 Uroko-fish scale

Sashiko embroidery is a Japanese quilting method that produces beautiful, simple, geometric patterns that have (in my opinion) a calming and inspiring effect.
The patterns are typically named after an element of nature that inspired them such as Kikko (turtle shell), Yarai (bamboo fence), Inazuma (lightning flash), and Uroko (fish scale), etc.
Here is my version of Uroko (fish scale) on copper penny blue cotton:
As you can see, I am making a headband out of this sample.
If I was naming this pattern after something in my environment, it would be UW Trash Can pattern:

*Like many Japanese techniques, there are many rules and ritual behind this craft. I definitely am no Sashiko expert and I probably broke a lot of Sashiko rules while making these samples. Oops, I just like to try things out!
Want to try?
Definitely check out this online Sashiko book! (free)
Some Sashiko rules
Asanoha stitch tutorial

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