Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Enchantments part II - the fungi

Here is a photo list of the abundant, amazing, high elevation, Larch forest, Fall fruiting fungi we saw in the Enchantment Lakes area, Washington.

Some kind of Postia or Tyromyces ? The pink color caught my eye.
The same Postia/Tyromyces from below
Sarcodon scabrosum from above

Sarcodon scabrosum from below (has spines instead of gills or pores)
Clavariadelphus ligula
Hygrocybe conica
Gomphidius subroseus (gills)

Gomphidius subroseus (cap)
Phaeolus schweinitzii (from above)
Phaeolus schweinitzii (from below)
Some kind of Hydnellum....(makes me want to specialize in toothed fungi!)
The same unknown Hydnellum from below

The slime mold Hemitrichia, I love slime molds!
A cluster of Albatrellus floedii
Albatrellus floedii from below
Suillus ochraceoroseus growing with Larch at about 7,000 ft (remember this from Ice Lakes?)

Suillus ochraceoroseus (from below)
Hydnellum suaveolens
A tiny Hydnellum suaveolens :)
Tricoloma focale
Amanita muscaria! (saw about 100 on our last day)

An awesome, fuzzy, pink slime mold, Lycogola epidendrum growing on a fallen log.
I squished it and a bubble gum - like goey spore mass oozed out. Adam poked one and he thinks it sprayed him in his eye! Surprising!

It dries out to this. With a grey papery covering over a purple pastey spore mass.

Aleuria aurantia, the orange peel fungus :)
Close up of Aleuria aurantia
Sarcodon imbricatum (This was the first time I've actually seen this toothed fungus in real life but I knew immediately what it was from pictures I've memorized. It has huge scales. Some of the Sarcodons we saw were 20 inches in diameter!)
Gyromitra ambigua, or esculante?
Suillus lakeii (growing in a dry area with Douglas Fir)
whew...that's it!

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