Thursday, August 26, 2010

educational headbands

In an attempt to make a useful object out of the cotton I dyed with fig leaves...I created a monster.
It's not that crazy, actually, but Adam said it reminded him of Sufjan's idea of making an album for all 50 states.
On these dye swatches I've been posting, I am going to embroider a motif from the dye plant I used and turn it into a headband. Then I will have a unified method of displaying and highlighting natural dyes. They will also be educational and more appealing to look at than my dye notebook.
Here are figs and fig leaves embroidered on 100% cotton dyed in fig leaves.
Here are yellow onions embroidered on 100% cotton dyed in yellow onion skins.
The possibilities are endless!
More to come :)


amy said...

i love them! Onion headbands!

You know how to have a good time :)

homegrown said...

Hahaha, yes, yes, I do :)

tappens said...

you can do it!

(and i wish sufjan would finish as well... didn't know you guys were fans!)


Theresa said...

Why did we not become friends sooner? I would have loved to spend my 2 years in Seattle doing these things with you :)