Sunday, August 1, 2010


Yesterday we went with friends to an awesome place called Camlann. It's a Medieval village with villagers (actors) portraying an aspect of life in 1376 England. I saw a flyer for it when we were in Carnation at the ward camp out and wanted to see if they had a good wool dyeing display. They did! There was a wonderful booth on dyeing wool, sewing, and rope making - right up my alley (whatever that means). I learned that I can use Sumac berries to dye. I am going to get some this fall for sure!

I will have an outdoor fire pit at my next house

Some color samples:

I also loved the leather crafts. Everyone was in full, authentic clothing, including handmade leather shoes. The cobbler did a great job:

Here is Adam, learning Medieval martial arts:

The flower wreath lady, every good village has one:

The candle maker:

everyone got to make candles

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