Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Le Smeagol

Audio update:
Happy Bastille Day! If you listen to the radio (KEXP) they've generously sprinkled in lots of Frenchy songs. Very fun! Reminds me how much I LOVED France/French things in high school. Actually, I still love France/French things but my love of Iceland/Icelandic things overshadowed all else in college.
Smeagol just bit off Frodo's ringed finger and fell into Mount Doom with The One Ring!!!!!!!

(I have been obsessively listening to the Lord of the Rings audiobooks and I'm almost finished...then what am I going to do??!?!?!)


Ann Marie said...

i just spent the past half hour catching up on your blog...such fun things you're doing! still wishing we lived closer together...happy summer!

allan ludwig said...

How about the Silmarillion audio book?

Anonymous said...

awesome books. Love them.