Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bedal Camp and Goat Lake

(Goat Lake)

Adam and I drove north to Mountain Loop Highway for a weekend of camping, hiking, and dutch oven cooking.
(Goat Lake)

The big picture:
Bedal Camp (the loveliest car camping we've done):

Adam's "black pot" in action:

A misty river bend:

Big North Fork Waterfall:

Green trails (better in real life):

Fire practice:

The little picture:
The Moss is taking over!

A white slime mold:

A banana slug:

A beautiful stump:

Bark filled with lichens and other fungi:

Blue staining pored fungus:

One TALL bryophyte (about 6 inches tall!)

Crustose lichen:

Pink fruiting structure of this green lichen:

Peltigera-style lichen:

Lycopodium, an ancient, spore producing fern-ally

Cladonia cristatella, the British Soldier lichen:

And last, but not least...Barlow Cut:

The famous Barlow Cut to allow a mining railroad up the steep mountain pass.


Teresa said...

Hi Homegrown!
I am loving your camping adventure!
I know you guys had a great time!
Great pics!
Did you see any bears!?
I wish I wasn't so afraid of bears?
This trail looks wonderful!
I'll have to check it out for Greg and I!
Happy Trails!
Bainbridge Island

amy said...

I wish we were still there! Two days wasn't NEARLY enough. So beautiful!