Sunday, June 20, 2010


Yay! A sewing day. Saturday was the best day in a while. I was wanting to make some new skirts to wear next week when I visit my family for Ian's graduation and Briana's first time to the temple.

I really like gored skirts. When the identical panels are sewn together, they create a beautiful and flattering shape. I used a shabby but beloved 6-gore skirt to cut apart and copy the pattern. Then I made two very different skirts from the same base pattern by varying the skirt length and amount of flare at the hem.

I love how they both turned out and that I can dress them up or wear them casual.

Adam could tell I had planned to do too many things before I left town (as usual) so we spent an entire Saturday with me sewing and Adam making pizzas while we listened to the Lord of the Rings audiobook. It was so fun!!!!

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