Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The Spring Boletes are out!
One of the awesome perks of working in a mycology lab is that you get free mushrooms. Joe, one of my bosses went out collecting and said there were over 50 lbs of spring boletes (Boletus edulis group) to be had. He got as many as he wanted and generously gave me a bag full.

Aren't they cute!!!! "Porcini" means little piggie in Italian...I'm pretty sure :)
I blanched half of them for freezer storage and made a delicious porcini polenta with the rest.
First I sauteed the mushrooms in butter and milk (didn't have cream) and added salt, parsley, and a little thyme.

Then I made polenta with 1/4 cup of onions. When it was cooked enough, I stirred in the mushroom mixture and grated Grana Padano (or parmesan) cheese.


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