Monday, May 10, 2010

first anniversary!

It was our first wedding anniversary this weekend!
May 8th.....

We went to Portland to celebrate.
But it was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY in Seattle since March

...So we stopped to get a hotdog on our way out of town :)

We stayed in downtown Portland at The Governor hotel. It was very nice, and we loved it.
Here is the view from our room

We worked out a deal to get breakfast from the restaurant on the main floor of the hotel, Jake's Grill, included. It looked something like this:

Luckily, Portland was having the same gorgeous weather:

We walked to the Saturday Market, which was very fun

Then we got ready to leave for a session at the Portland Temple to commemorate our marriage last year

and stopped on the way at Blue Moon photography store in the St. Johns neighborhood.

It's a famous non-digital photo store and we met Zeb Andrews, a photographer Adam adores.
Here is us on the St. Johns bridge

Here is me doin' a jig on the St. Johns bridge

and here is us at the Portland Temple

On our last day, we walked around taking photos with Adam's vintage Seagull camera from China

of things like this

Happy Anniversary!


Candice said...

hahah your jig!! that was funny. im glad you had a nice time in portland.

Ann Marie said...

cj and i lived in portland for a summer...LOVE that city!! happy anniversary!

Sandrinha e Marcio said...

Tess! Just found your blog! I loved the video...I'll follow your blog :)