Thursday, April 29, 2010

Virgin Islands!

I'm going to St. John Island of the US Virgin Islands for 3 weeks as a visiting textile artist!

I will be on the north side of the island at Maho Bay cottage resort in their trash to treasures art center doing batik, sewing, dyeing, and possibly book binding!
I am very excited.

I have been gathering ideas, sketches, supplies:

and making lists and lists and lists:
I only have 1 week to get everything ready.
I checked out "The Flora of St. John" and saw that Indigofera grows as a roadside weed. I am totally going to harvest some and make indigo dye!
I can't wait to have endless craft time in a tropical location. Sun, warm water, snorkeling, coral reefs, batik, dye, tropical's too wonderful!
...AND: Adam is coming at the end for about 5 days so we can turn it into a vacation for the both of us :)
...or should I say an Anniversary Trip?!
Can you believe we have been married for nearly 1 year! Amazing.
May 8th, 2009.


Kate said...


And happy anniversary!!

How'd you get that gig?

Briana Wright said...

That is so awesome. I want to know how you heard about this!

zlb said...

are you visiting analisa? give her a huge hug for me! that is so cool! Can i come visit?