Friday, April 23, 2010

The Sacrament of Birth

This just in!
My friend Analiesa, over at The Cotyledon, writes wonderful essays.
They are often on a mix of botany, birth, and Earth topics.
Her newest article, "The Sacrament of Birth" is excellent, inspiring, enlightening, and can be found at Square Two's site.
Here is the intro written by Square Two:
Third is one of the most beautiful essays we've been privileged to publish here at SquareTwo. It's by Analiesa Leonhardt, who helps us to recast the international issue of egregiously high maternal mortality rates into the spiritual issue it really is. Leonhardt does so by providing a exegesis of scripture concerning the earthly ordinance of birth. We promise that you will never think about birth the same way after reading this eloquent article."
Yay Ani!
Thanks for putting into words what women all over the world have internally understood but not verbalized. You are a talented spokeswoman :)

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ani said...

Thank you Tess. I feel so honored! I am glad you appreciated reading the thoughts that have been milling around in my head over the last few years.