Tuesday, April 20, 2010

catching up

So many things to post about!
I mentioned my sister, Briana, came to visit and we re-arranged the entire house...
We also did some other things :)
Explore Pike's Market (for the 6th or 7th time...)

Sushi night!!!

Briana has hosted many sushi nights in Salt Lake City that I have recently missed. We made up for lost time :)

Our friends Chad and Wendy invited us over for Easter dinner

...not only was the food delicious (curried ham, salad, scalloped potatoes, steamed nettles, asparagus), but we had SO much fun.
Wendy and Chad are awesome.

We dyed Easter eggs

and laughed ourselves silly over rocket balloons and sticky hands!!!

They also let us eat all their special chocolate:)
While at Wendy and Chad's for Easter dinner, Wendy showed us her secret stinging nettle patch.

We picked so many nettle leaves it was a feat to wash and dry them without getting stung. But well worth it. Bri went home with a large bag of dried nettles (high in protein, iron, and other vities) for tea for her midwifery clients.

After Bri left, we still had a lot of raw tuna (I love raw tuna), so Adam made a wonderful seared tuna dinner :)

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