Monday, March 15, 2010

weave it!

Remember this Mushroom Dye Sampler?
I just realized it was made on a Weave It, a hand held weaving loom that was a popular craft medium back in the 1930's-1960's.
The website Eloomanation has a collection of vintage Weave It looms and vintage Weave It patterns (click projects to see the awesome vintage patterns. I spent quite a long time checking through them, they are pretty cool!
Here is are two how to make your own weave it loom 1 and 2 tutorials.
...I'm thinking of making one.
I want to make the vintage Weave It loom bathing suit!

And if I don't, a multicolored, multipatterned blanket would at least be a great way to use up my bits of mushroom dyed yarn lurking around the house.

Have any of you used a Weave It loom?
Ever seen your mother or grandmother use one?
Have any heirloom Weave It creations in your family?


Sabriel said...

wow! you are incredible! thanks for your comment :)

Beautia said...

Those vintage patterns are amazing. I totally want to make my own Weave it now.