Monday, March 22, 2010

Mushroom Party

I like to have mushroom parties for my birthday celebrations.
Adam and I planned one this year and it was great :)
Pretty much it is a mushroom/fungi themed potluck where everyone brings something made by, from, in the shape of, or out of mushrooms/fungi and I make one of my famous mushroom log cakes.
And then we eat everything!

This year we had: mixed mushroom soup, miso and shiitake soup, nettle soup with morel cream sauce, mushroom-nettle torte, spinach stuffed mushrooms, and yeast risen bread.

Unfortunately, I only took pictures of the first few people that came and we didn't get a whole group photo. Bummer.
It was so fun to catch up with friends and make plans to hang out again soon.

The hazelnut-cardamom mushroom cake:

I got this in the mail from a good friend:

Isn't it wonderful?
What a great birthday. Thanks, friends!


Kate said...

Happy b-day Tess!

Love the poster!!

Love you!!!

homegrown said...

Thanks Kate!! You have been up to a LOT...I was just checking out your website. You are awesome. Say hi to Neil!

Anonymous said...

cool cake!