Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bird Dogs Forever

I caught Adam looking at the site Bird Dogs Forever
I recommend clicking on that link to listen to the "Bird Dogs Forever Theme Song," you won't regret it!


ani said...

haha! Love the bird dog song! Thanks for sharing.

Ann Marie said...

hi tess!
i found your blog via kate's...and i might as well get this off my chest. see my blog post here:

anyway, am happy to find your blog! i'm going to "follow" it if you don't mind.

hope you and adam are doing well!

Ann Marie said...

i saw on your profile that you guys are in seattle...we're in sacramento. BUT i have a brother who lives in poulsbo, wa (near seattle) so we must come up and visit all of you!

Little Lisa said...

I really can't stop listening to the bird dog song. It's SOOO good.