Friday, January 1, 2010

baby steps

I'm starting the new year off right.
I'm taking baby steps to succeed at all my resolutions and goals.
So far:
I went on a long walk around Lake Sammammish (2 steps: 1 for exercise, 1 for spending time outside).
Cleaned and organized my house (many steps).
Finished two hats I had started, one crochet and one knit (2 steps: 1 for each finished project).
Began and finished the cutest pair of tiny, colorful, knit baby shoes ever (2 steps: 1 for finishing a knitting project, and 1 for working on our 2010 goal of "get ready to have a baby!")

The shoes are simple and the free pattern by Saartje can be found on Ravelry - the online knitting community or on Saartje's knitting website.

Happy New Year! Good luck in all your endeavors!


Jupiter Family said...

Happy New Year !!!

2010 New Year's Fireworks show

Candice said...

those are adorable

Briana said...

oh precious, i love the grey ones

Allison said...

um ... does that mean ....???? you already are pregnito???

homegrown said...

Hi Allison!
Nope...not pregnito yet :)
but we are thinking some time in the next year.
Just nesting and getting stocked up on supplies like dozens of handmade baby shoes...