Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We had a great trip to Ithaca for Thanksgiving :)
Here are some photo highlights:
(we got a little snow the day after Thanksgiving)

Adam's brother, Shay, and his beautiful family live south of Ithaca in Corning. They recently moved from China and bought a fabulous house on a hill above the town. We stayed with them for two nights.
Here's Elijah! He just turned one and is about to walk all over. I can see something of Adam in him...maybe the blues eyes?

Here is their new house:

and the two brothers :)

They have a great, wooded property with lots of grass and a large outdoor porch and screened porch. You really feel at home in nature at their house.

We drove north to Palmyra, NY to visit the Church History sites. It was my fist time seeing the Hill Cumorah, the Smith Family farm, the Sacred Grove, the town of Palmyra, and the site of the first printing of the Book of Mormon. It was a great day exploring with Adam. I had so many photos that they will be in another, future post.
Adam's sister Marissa and her family came from Chicago. It was great to get to know her and her husband better and their three smart girls.

The girls and I went on lots of mushroom hunting walks in Sapsucker woods (the woods Adam grew up in!). We didn't find fresh mushrooms, of course, since it was so cold, but there were many hardy, fibrous, shelf fungi to enjoy.

Fomes fomentarius:


I was very excited to see the blue form of Trametes versicolor...it's good for dying and doesn't grow on the West Coast.

And here is a mysterious fungus: (in the forest it looked good for dying, but I can't figure out what it is....I'll report dye results)

On Thanksgiving, we had a delicious Thanksgiving Feast!

And on our last Sunday, little Jude Alexander Barlow was blessed at church:

The girls :)

So many fun memories with family...

Thanks for a GREAT trip!

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