Saturday, October 3, 2009

next frontier

The next frontier: Mushrooms dyes!
Or, extracting colors from mushrooms/fungi to dye natural fibers.

I borrowed a friend's dye book, and have been pouring over the lists and photos of good dying species. It's fun to learn what species to look out for. It's great, too, because some cool mushrooms you can't eat, you can dye with, such as
Cortinarius violaceus

or Suillus ochraceoroseus

or Hydnellum peckii

However, some delicious edibles are also great dye producers like Polyozellus multiplex, the black chanterelle.

Now I have to decide: should I eat it, or dye with it?
What do you think?!

I think I have found my next big hobby...

More posts soon!

1 comment:

Hiedi said...

I'm for eating the chanterelle. They're just too yummy to pass up!