Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I love to make jam!
...or rather "fruit sauce."
If you ask any of my old room mates, sisters, or even husband, they might say that the only downside to living with me is that the fridge gets just too damn packed with jars of every size and shape filled up with fruit sauce of every color. It can't really be called jam since I don't always use pectin and I don't always use sugar.
Come summer I just can't stop making jam. And the fridge suffers, beside the jars, it gets so jam packed with bags of fruit I find, berries, herbs (for herb ice cubes...the best way to preserve herbs over winter). It's a mess. A mess I love, until I spot a fruit fly :(
Then I go crazy.

So far this year we have blackberry, blackberry-anise hyssop, plum, plum-blackberry, plum-rosemary, plum-sage, plum-rhubarb, asian pear, asian pear-cayenne, elderberry, jaltomate, and garden huckleberry (the last two are black Solanaceae berries from the Medicinal Herb Garden at UW). And more join the list every week.

This is what I love to find: an urban forage goldmine!

My picker:


A little Saturday morning Blackberry Jam Waffle beet planting session.

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