Wednesday, June 24, 2009

UW Farm

At UW (University of Washington), there is a great group called the UW Farmers.
Based out of the green house and using both UW employee and student power, the group gains access to bits of land on campus to plant edible gardens, or "farms."

It is amazing how much food we have grown on unused areas near the great Burke-Gilman bike trail.

Here are some photos:

We grow spinach, all kinds of lettuce and herbs,

kale, chard, cabbage, nasturtiums, summer squash,

winter squash, cucumbers, corn, potatoes, sunflowers, tomatoes, gooseberries, currants, onions, leeks, garlic, peas, beans, amaranth, quinoa, apples, figs, and even kiwi and passionfruit!

We also have 3 chickens that lay every day. I take care of them Thursday mornings, and there are always beautiful eggs to take home.

Beside garden space and free veggies, another great aspect of being part of the Farmers is the community.
There are weekly meetings with lessons on compost, mulch, worms, weeds, starting community gardens, food preservation, and more. There are monthly potluck pizza making parties using the Farm's cob oven.

Everyone brings pizza toppings and we cook about 100 pizza's using a few armfuls of wood.

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