Thursday, January 22, 2009

Schizophyllum commune

I am going to post about new mushrooms I learn, ones I have really learned and know I won't forget.
Here is one: Schizophyllum commune

I saw it growing on a small log in a garden bed near the greenhouse here at UW.

At first, I thought it was a lichen (see photo), but when I looked below, i found what looked like gills. I took it to Joe Ammirati, UW mycologist, and he said "if it has split gills, it's Schizophyllum."

(photo from wikipedia)
I looked, and the 'gills' did indeed look split down the center. He said they are actually fertile, spore producing 'troughs' lined up next to each other like canoes, giving the appearance of gills.

(photo from wikipedia)
I looked up Schizophyllum on wikipedia and it is "THE word's most widely distributed mushroom." Very cool.
That is good because wherever you live, you might find this cute fuzzy one.

(hint: It grows on cut logs and sticks from hardwood-not conifer-trees)

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mrs. everything said...

that top photo is so beautiful!